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Originally Posted by tnhl1989 View Post
well fast pass is free and bypass a lot of traffic. why not? also it's cheaper on tolls.
Even if I lived in Massachusetts, I see reasonable arguments for not wanting Fast Pass (mostly the privacy angle--some people don't care if when and where they use the highway is tracked, but others would rather not have that happen). And does it really bypass a lot of traffic? On my trip to Massachusetts it seemed people were sometimes in long lines in those lanes whereas the pay lanes generally had little traffic.

However, I'm not here to argue that--the fact is, I'm not from Massachusetts. I'm from a state where I don't have to pay to use highways. It's a shame that visitors to Boston--the ones who are most likely to need this U-Turn--are not able to use this U-Turn if they're not registered with some compatible toll tracking system. And beyond that, it's poorly marked and set up.
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