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Originally Posted by dragosid View Post
Yeah, that's with a 10" rim. With an 11" rim as Jake's, things will be different.

Jake are you by any chance running 0 rear camber? Is that possible with your setup?
Also, did you have to do some serious pounding in the fender well or just light stuff??

As far as I gathered so far you're running 305/35/18 on 11" wheel w/ 38 offset
from what I gathered too, Jesse's running 305/35/18 on 10" wheel w/ 33 offset
so I guess the main reason for pounding the fender well in your case was the 11" wheels.

Due to my recent disappointment with local availability of tires I think I'll go a tested route and get 11" rims with the 305/35/18 555R's as in your setup. That will increase both my contact patch as well as the side wall height so my current 3rd gear traction problems on R888 295/30/19 will most probably be sorted.
With a 33 offset you can run an 11 inch rim also. This is at -.5 inch factory ride height.

Jake your camber is prolly the reason for bad traction, or atleast not as good as you can be with your tire. Go zero on camber and itll increase traction and extend tire life.

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