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Originally Posted by JakeR View Post
Thanks. I'd like to get some other views on that. The guy who set the car -drove professionally for 20+ yrs - indicated that this was better, b/c under load, a static zero setting actually becomes positive and reduces traction. I have no idea who is correct but would like to hear from others. Again, I have full traction in third. And when I spin in second, above about 1/2 throttle, it always tracks completely straight. I know of no one who has even close to full traction in second with the 6766. But I'm all hears.....
I meant traction. My phone changed it both times. Under load car squats causing more neg camber......neg camber is for corning. So on a real track or auto x you want neg camber. Straight line you want zero. Or even a tad positive.

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