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ok, i just got the 0171/0174 codes yesterday while the 330 was warming up, cleared them and they did not return all day or evening
then this AM the same codes plus 301/302/303 , same thing cleared and never returned

wouldnt a cracked intake tube cause the lean codes always?

so i need to look at the disa valve condition and the ccv as well? just at 1229XX miles, i dont think the ccv or disa valve have been done.
wasnt in the car when it threw the codes[on call and on the fone inside while it was warming up]
so not sure about idle quality or other indications at the moment, but it still runs great when i get in and go.

guess i will have to start using the landcruiser every day till i get a chance to dig into this :-( too cold and no garage.
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