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EML Light & 4 Codes

Ive had this intermittent problem for about a month. EML light randomly comes on with check engine light and leaves my car in an undrivable state. Extreme power surging. If I were to push the pedal to the floor it goes from full throttle to no throttle and jerks the car back snd forth until i pull over and turn it off for 10+ seconds. Sometimes it wont come back for hours or days other times it returns immediately. It seems to occur most when my foot has just left the gas pedal like about to make a turn or stop then i notice it again when i hit the gas again to accelerate. Ive searched around about EML problems and alot of people mention something about 'limp mode'. Is this limp mode im experiencing? Limp mode, from what I've read, limits the car to a certain rpm or mph. I have experienced no such limits while experiencing this problem. However, it is very difficult to gain and maintain speed making it pretty dangerous. The car runs completely fine until the EML light comes on. The codes that immediately appear (scanned seconds after an incident) when the EML comes on are as follows...

P0601- internal control module
memory check sum error
P0120- throttle/pedal position
sensor A circuit
P0170- fuel trim (bank 1)
P0173- fuel trim (bank 2)

If anyone could just throw some ideas out there from past experience to just throw me in the right direction I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance guys.
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