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Originally Posted by Bdave View Post
Forgive me.I have to ask. I see you have an AA HKS that puts out 462HP. That cant be a stage 1.5. So is that all they could get out of a stage 2?
I thought the Stage 2 were up around 500.

Jaws, you have the best SC mentality ever! I hate SC for BMW normally, but you guys are doing it up right! I am very impressed!
Sorry I don't come to this neck of the woods often. The 462whp was with a 95mm pulley. aka sage 1 and the addition of meth. I am currently at 495whp with the stage 2 pulley and Aeromotive fuel pump. The car runs lean due to lack of fuel after 7K. I am going bigger lines and a Aeromotive FPR this weekend. I am still running 42lb injectors. I am expecting 520 territory when it is all done. (11psi at redline). It is not a true stage 2 because that runs 60lb injectors and fatter rails and bigger inter-cooler.(all runs where done with the hood closed)

Sorry for irrelevant post Jaws, please pm me and I will delete it if you wish. Bump for a good kit!

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