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Originally Posted by ///M3.22 View Post

**All prices include tax and labor**

Tune Up/Inspection Service - 1,778
Wash fluid pump - 227
Rear Brakes (Rotors) - 781
Rear Control Arms - 667
Rear shock mounts - 460
Alignment - 300
Drive Belts - 276
Replace all hoses - 1,598

Total Cost = 6,087

Oh lord help me!

OP, you don't need to be handy to do lots of this. Plugs...lefty loosey...get the right ones. Coolant flush--$20. Belts..$40-50 maybe.

Air, cabin air filters...take 5 mins. fuel filter--don't smoke! Oil...1 hour if you let it drip.

If you don't have a brake pad warning indicator, but $10 caliper and see how much pad material you have left. I think the indicator triggers at around 3 mm of pad material...rotors are easy.

$100 in tools saves you a few thousand against the dealer. A few sleepless nights studying diys/watching've got a bit of this done.

I haven't done plugs on an M...sounds like it'd be fun! How far are you from the city?

Some fluids take some work, but most are easy.

Oh, and the hoses. I replaced my final engine cooling hose 1,000 miles ago or less...240K miles...mmmmkay?

The hoses don't fail ever, really...the 0-ring might leak at some point...and you should replace them when doing cooling system work since you're there anyway, but if they're not leaking...and they're not...just read cooling threads. You can replace your entire system in parts for $700 I think...and you don't need to anyway. When you learn the therm, ET, wp, and get the hoses then. Also, btw, by 'all the hoses' I guarantee you they meant 2-3 hoses...not the six you have (I'm pretty sure anyway).

I bet you have $2,000 in parts there if you did everything...less if you find prices at some of our well known sources like bmaparts.

think about it. A 150 piece craftsman tool set gets you to most places you'd go.

Idiots and pregnant women work on their cars here...I think you have the skills even if you don't think you do.

But, if you do give in stupidly to this fantasy wish of the dealer, please videotape your SA's face when you say "okay."

It's a trap!
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