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As detailed somewhere in this long thread, back in July or August, my Xcar360 scanner quit working after having it for two days. They said send it back. So I did, on the slow boat to China. I don't remember the address but it was something like this-

145 Blvd. of Lowest Quality
Tranquil Sweatshop Garden
Fok Yu City

Then I ordered a slightly different one (Loftek) from Amazon. More expensive but shipped from the US and had a real return policy. It worked first try and still works today.
Fire730 messaged me recently to see if I ever got the Xcar scanner working after it came back. Here's my reply:

" I got it back from xcar weeks later. Still didn't work. Same problems as before. I'd like to try and get my money back but I just can't bring myself to waste any more time on the stupid thing. The one I got on Amazon looks almost identical, but it works fine. Plug the xcar scanner into the same laptop and it won't work. I should put it on the forums as free to a good home. Maybe some computer guy could figure it out. Sorry to give you bad news. "

If it sounds like I'm not happy with Xcrap, it's because I'm not. I guess I could have sent it back to China in September yet again to see if they could fix it. I would probably be getting it back right about now. Instead, I decided I had already wasted enough of my life on it. I'm out 35 bucks, lesson learned. I'm posting this as a follow up.
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