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Hopefully, Fire730 doesn't mind me sharing our email conversation for the benefit of others.

Fire730 said:

"Thanks for the quick reply. Well that's my (and apparently your) bad luck. Many sold that work fine and we got a couple of paperweights.

Where did you get it on Amazon and how much was it from there? Do you have a link or a search suggestion? Not that I want to throw away more money.

Thanks for your help.

Also did it cost you money to send it back or did they pay for all the shipping?"

And I replied:

"This is what I got when my Xcar clunker quit working after less than a week. I bought mine from Amazon but they now list it as no longer available. I needed it quicker than one month shipping from china (amazon shipped from KY) and I wanted to be able to return for refund if it didn't work. Thankfully I didn't need to. It seems a little better quality than Xcar but it's hard to say for sure. Maybe I just got lucky this time. It uses the same install procedure and what seems like identical software. Worked first try for me and I'm no computer wizard.

If you're thinking about sending yours back to Xcar, save the postage and just smash it with a hammer. You'll be much better off and it won't cost anything. Seriously. You know you want to. "

I forgot to mention that I paid shipping to China, they paid shipping back to me. They were very polite in their emails to me, and they did ship it back to me, but in the end they got my money and I got a scanner that won't scan.

Caveat emptor.
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