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Originally Posted by Waggonpuller View Post
I've been following this thread for awhile and I think I have just about decided to give these a shot. Normally I would have stuck my nose up at parts such as these, but so far these things sure do have a lot of "pros" and not many "cons". I have been amazed with the amount of customer service Kris has provided, along with several other factors. My only concern is that the lowest setting doesn't look all that low. I am not going for the slammed look, but it seems like there should be a little more adjust ability there. Does it seem to work out once the springs settle? I've got a touring model so I hope I won't run into a problem having a reverse rake. Speaking of... anyone know if this set works on wagons? Kris?

Thanks, Mark
Wagons have the same suspension as sedans, and my springs have settled quite a bit. I'll take some updated photos soon
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