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Originally Posted by srn1985 View Post
well since this is Nexus talk...I have an incredible story totally not related to topic.

Nexus S 4G (sits on dash on grip pad securely ~91% of time) flew out passenger car window while making a decently wide left turn in a pretty busy Orlando intersection. I managed to grab my phone with seriously little, I mean unnoticeable damage but still missing in dark of night, were battery and back cover. State trooper sees me acting like what looks to him some idiot by the way i darted in out traffic, then after my story he helped with mag lite and found battery ran over but still WORKS and few minutes later found back cover but it KIA. A bittersweet moment....and to make it even more unbelievable...thinking I would order back cover off eBay for $9.99, I passed by a stopped in Sprint store to see even if they sold parts and how much manufacturer cost even tho...very cute girl named Sabrina, most likely college student as I live in UCF area, said "consider it an early Christmas present" after walking out back with a back-plate and at first I was like those damn's too good to be true.

So putting theory to test I take opportunity to chat with pretty service rep and:

- put back cover on phone like it was the glass slipper
- chatted with her and found that my story made for good conversation
- her digits on back of her spring biz card


So to answer OG, cats suck man.....get a dog FTW.

Bravo old chap!
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