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Your right that was a little sarcastic. So let me try and offer some help. Your tires are basically new and they lost grip on a wet road, but they are strictly a summer tire, which means they arent meant to have great traction in the wet. If your front lost traction in a turn it may be either driver error (wrong braking points, to much speed) or it may be understeer. You would need to adjust stance, sways, and dampening to get it right. This might be a whole day on the same turn doing adjustments. There is no "correct all" setting for a cars suspension. One driver may like it one way and other drivers may like it another. From your sig it looks like your stance is a bit low for the kind of performance that your looking for. I really doubt that changing 1psi up or down will make any difference. I have seen those tires on a number of customers cars and they seem to have no complaints so I dont think they are a bad choice and they should not be smooth. Sticky compound tires should look like 40 grit sandpaper when run hard. So a lot of factors need to be taken in consideration, road conditions, suspension setup, driver error, hell were the tires even warm when you tested them?
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