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You're kinda a dick if instead of answering his question, all you can do is correct his grammar. I'm guessing you get off on this and hyperventilated as you read his post imagining inserting commas, periods and apostrophes to fix his illiteracy.

what do you mean by the car not being able to move? and you shift without using the clutch?

Please elaborate and if you can, try this:
Turn on the car, put it in neutral and depress clutch pedal (clutch disengaged), and hold for 5-10 seconds. In this time, you've released the clutch from the flywheel by using a throwout bearing to pull the pressure plate! Anyways, toggle through the gears, keeping pedal depressed entire time, if it's hard to get into gear, it could be shifter linkage (might be old) or it could be your throwout bearing, not releasing clutch so the input shaft keeps spinning and therefore hard to get into gear.
Put it in 3rd at a dead stop, engine on, chock the wheels, emergency brake on and try engaging clutch (pedal release), it should stall.
And last you could also try 35-40 mph in 5th gear. If your revs increase but your speed doesn't, it is most likely the clutch.

This is of course once you figure out how to get your car moving haha

good luck!

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