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Originally Posted by Kubica View Post
^So you have a bad TC mount and are waiting to change it because you want to see if it gets rid of a vibration that some guy on the internet posted about? Do you think that by ignoring a failed component it will fix itself? You didn't immediately order a TC mount when you found it to be in rough shape?

I haven't seen a bad CSB on an xi, but I assume that's caused by driving around a car with a bad TC mount. You shouldn't need to touch the CSB on a BMW that's not an e39 540 for at least 200k miles. Unless you drive around with failed mounts.
Correct. Nah I figured there is no repair faires coming around to fix stuff so I'll let it be. But I didn't order it because at the time I was doing the work it was cold (Canadian climate) and ordering it would of taken 2 weeks (Canadian shipping process) . I was a bit on a time constraint but I will certainly get to it now (Spring 2013).

So you think it would do the trick Kubica?
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