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Originally Posted by ///MPR77 View Post
I think you can see it under the intake manifold, down under the ICV, but to service it; I believe, but not entirely sure, you need to be underneath the car.

Edit. Are you sure the starter is the culprit?
What else have you done to troubleshoot?
Initially I thought it was the battery, so I bought a new one, even boosted it -- no dice.

Like I said, the fuel pump would prime, as I can hear it. After I let it finish priming, I turn the key to ignition position and I can hear a faint buzzing sound coming from the engine. I'm assuming that's the starter motor. My guess is it's the solenoid that's not working. But I might be wrong

I wanna get to the starter to test if there's voltage coming through, as lcoleman suggested. If there isn't I can rule out the starter. I've read other threads and some have suggested it's the ignition switch. I just wanna make sure if it's the starter or not before I take out the cover on the steering column and work on the ign switch.

starting voltage is about 11.9v right now, but even if I boost it(it would go up to ~14v, which should be more than enough to get it cranking), still the same symptoms.
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