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Originally Posted by keyro0684 View Post
I can't shift without pushing the clutch pedal( like normal) but when you use the clutch and put it in gear say first, the car does nothing. It goes into gear fine so I don't think it's the actual transmission, but I've never just had a clutch let go on me. Its weird cause its like there is not enough clutch to move the car and grab but there is to shift into all the gears while it's running just fine, and like I said you do get a grinding noise when you don't use the clutch just as you would if you missed a shift or something, but it's not as loud as it should be. I can let the clutch pedal out in any gear and the car won't stall
Have you looked under the car? You may a failed guibo (rubber joint at the transmission output to the driveshaft. You'll need to jack up the car to inspect it. If you are not up to the task, maybe a fellow Bimmer owner can help you inspect for it.
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