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Originally Posted by HiHoBrian View Post
Thank god it was a joke. The rear sensors are mainly used for monitoring cat efficiency,but some information has shown a check and balance signal that is measured between pre and post for fine tuning of fuel trim for emissions purposes. It doesn't appear to be significant because may people run without them and use sims,lc1's,a eu2 tune,an aftermarket tune,or a simple resistor and cap mod that works.

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I also wanted to do the spark plug non-fouler mod but woudnt i be fine with the amount of space i have created with the extensions in order to trick the computer? Idk if im anywhere being right on this. Also do you know if my check engine light will go away as soon as plug in the post o2 sensors or do i need all of them to clear the check engine light or should i clear the code some how?
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