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Originally Posted by E46tknv View Post
I have a good powerwasher at work. Would this be safe hosing the whole engine down? What needs to be covered?
Does it need to fully dry to start it?
I'd just stick with a normal hose, nozzle and buy some P21S Total Auto Wash. Use saran wrap with rubber bands to cover the alternator & any electrical connections that are visible. Spray the P21S all over the place, wait a couple minutes, then rinse with the hose and say goodbye to any dirt/grime/oil/etc. that's in your engine bay. Finally, use some 303 Aerospace Protectant to dress-up all the black plastic in the bay.

I'll get around to ordering more P21S sometime, so I'll show you before/after pics when I'm done.

Edit: Actually, the more I look around in our engine bay makes me not even want to use a hose, even on a low setting. Apply whatever degreaser/cleaner (careful what you use - some aren't safe for rubber hoses) to the affected area, then use a wet microfiber towel to wipe it off. Dry with another microfiber towel.

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