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For those following along, car is back from the shop and the CSB and more importantly transfer case bushings have made a difference, but its still sort of there. After a frank and open discussion with the guy working on my car we think the biggest problem is I'm too damn picky and about 80-90% of what I'm feeling could very well be simply normal noise from an E46 BMW. Basically they have checked everything with the exception of pulling apart the diffs and transfer case and simply can't find anything "wrong" at this point. Both the shop and I agreed at this time I might as well drive it and see it anything gets worse and either makes itself known or fails, at that point we know what's up

Had my friend take a ride tonight (his first in this car) and basically he said I'm nuts, he hears and feels nothing unusual and that its a great running and driving car.

So here we are. I'm confident I'm overly picky, car checks out fine and I'm only $610 OTD lighter this time, not bad for a valve cover gasket, plugs, transfer case bushing and CSB. After putting almost 100 miles on it since picking it up this afternoon all I can say is I love this car and will just have to live with the odd feeling.
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