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Originally Posted by DME46 View Post
He must have missed doing that research in between PTSD from his friend being killed in Iraq, serving our country, and doing the right thing by attempting to register his gun.

Damn, what a dumbass kid.
Show me where PTSD makes it difficult to search laws, call authorities and make sure it is OK to transport and carry a firearm in a foriegn country. The fact that he was a soldier has nothing to do with what happened, so dont drag that into it.

I agree that he tried to do the right thing by registering the weapon (and commend him), but when dealing with touchy areas such as weapons, drugs and alcohol, you had better know your international laws if you want to transport legally across borders. But for the record, I dont think he should be in jail, given the facts in the story.

Originally Posted by mdyaman View Post
How is the State Dept partially at fault?
The guy was told by US border agents/customs (trained by the US gov, maybe not the State Department directly) that he could do it and all he needed to do was register the gun, but did not go into details such as to be careful of the length of barrel, type of gun, etc. thats where the Mexi cops got him....Mostly though (from only reading the story), it seems like the Mexi gov is busting his balls. It IS a bad situation and I dont think he should be in jail.
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