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Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
I agree. And the story is awfully edited. It says "A surfing trip to Costa Rica has turned into a nightmare for a Marine veteran, who has been thrown into a Mexican where he is regularly shackled to his bed..."

No matter what anyone says that does effect its credibility. Any other sources on this?

Doesn't include much more info.

Regarding the chaining, however, it does say this:

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, a Democrat from Florida, stepped in on Hammar's behalf, speaking to Mexico's ambassador to the United States. "We interceded to get him out of the general prison population," Nelson said.

This served to remove Hammar from contact with dangerous inmates.

The calls have since stopped, his mother said. "He is now being kept in a low ... intensity place, more like an administrative place," Nelson said.

But because of the low security of the new facility, which Olivia Hammar describes as a storage shed, officials periodically chain Hammar to his bed.
If that info is correct, it's disingenuous to try to rip the Mexicans for "chaining him to his bed".
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