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Originally Posted by Blueandwhite85 View Post
I'm 27 so you do the math. Who gives a fvck how old you are, tool? It doesn't change the fact that you're a piece of shitt and that everything you post on these forums backs that statement up 100%. You're disrespectful and the fact that you're obviously old as dirt just goes to show how truly sad it is that you STILL behave in this manner and act like a fvcking immature child. You may consider me to be a kid, but you need to take my advice and shut your mouth and mature a little. Douche.
Fvck your advice, cowboy.

And get a goddamned dictionary so you can figure out what "in lieu of" means.

If you ever want to see what I mean by the arbitrariness of categories, check the situation of polarized politics. The next time a Martian visits earth, try to explain to him to why those who favor allowing capital punishment also oppose the elimination of a fetus in the mother's womb.
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