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So I thought that my radiator fan was screwed as it wasn't on when I turned the car off today. I thought they were suppose to run after you turned the car off to ensure they cooled the engine to a certain point. It even wasn't running when I had the key in position 2 which I would've thought it would.

Checked the fan tonight and it was working fine when the ignition was on.

This therefore leaves me in a bit of a pickle in terms of trying to figure out what happened today. Should the radiator fan have been running when the coolant was at 113 and the car was off? If so then any suggestions on what might cause this to fail but still allow for the radiator the run normally when the ignition is on?

I have checked the coolant and it is at a normal height but it hasn't been flushed since I bought the car (i've only had it 6 months). Was done just before hand but for good measure I'm going to do a flush.

Could the coolant have just gotten so high because it was 37 degrees outside, I had the aircon on 16 at full fan, windows down and was driving spiritedly? I wasn't driving really hard but it was constantly between 4,000-6,000 revs for a few minutes straight. Not really abnormal for an M3 though?

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