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Not sure this is a better solution, but it is an option.

Make or buy yourself an Aux input cable for your head unit.

Then buy one of the Belkin units. Supports A2DP, Bluetooth hands free phone calls and you can skip and pause music with the device.

Issues to be aware of -

1. you probably want to power the unit from the radio or switched power so it stays on when you turn the car off but goes to sleep or shut off when the radio shuts off. Also this will kill the BT connection when you leave the car. I was somewhere yesterday and I was hanging outside the car, BT still connected, however, my phone still rings and when I answered the call I could not hear, took me a moment to realize the BT link was still active.

2. you have to push the button to resycn the phone each time you enter the car.

3. If you are not listening to the Aux source like Pandora or a playlist, if a phone call comes in it will not mute your current audio from the radio or CD player. Most phones will ring anyway when BT is connected so you will need to pay attention, then bring up Aux on your head unit to use the hand free connection.
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