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I'm rarely 100 miles away from home and when I say I I bought it like that I meant I just bought it a couple months ago, I'm trying to figure out what to do without wasting the front tires, 5000 miles seems like nothing, the tires on my jeep have 66k miles and are 7 years old, that may be not safe but oh well they have about 4 k left till they are slicks. The date on my tires for the BMW are march 09 and the front have a ton until the tread wear bar, the backs are smooth. I don't think different size tire matters here in texas, I have a truck that had 33's in front and 35's in back and discount put them on, don't m3's have a bigger back tire? The only reason I am concerned is the tires I want may rub, that's all I was asking, I shouldn't have stated what brand tires I have on the car at all, I can get a khumo with the same tread as the front right for cheap so if I opt for that I'd have two khumos on back and two hankooks on front or vice versa. Or I may just go buy 4 new Michelin supersports. I appreciate your comment but would it work or would it simply not drive once I bolted it up?
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