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Originally Posted by aphhpa View Post
You are seriously the biggest idiot here. This is an opinion thread. I state my opinion and you tell me I'm wrong? Seriously if you're that ignorant and think you have the right to tell some that THEIR opinion is wrong.. Re-evaluate your purpose in life kid.
The problem is, that your opinion appears to be the most ignorant bucnh of catach phrases assembled into a sentence.

Really, I should not be able to own an AR-15? I can't own an AK either right? So, what is stopping me from having a 33 round mag in my glock, or is that too much as well?

Is my gun going to magically jump off the shelf and kill someone? Does the AR-15 know it is an AR-15, and think it must kill people, or does it come down to the person holding it?

When is an AR-15 more dangerous than another semi auto rifle, or pistol? Does the fact that the rifle is black and scary have to do with it, or is it because it holds a distinct advantage over other dark and scary rifles?

See, your opinion is just that, yours. My opinion is that you are a walking talking idiot, who uses catch phrases to assert his opinion. Get over it. You are a minority in this country (no this is not racial) and will forever deal with the fact that others have these weapons, and will continue to get these weapons, and any legislation you put on the table, and the total number of gun free zone signs you place, will never matter to a person looking to commit a crime with a gun, of what ever shape, size, caliber and color. You can disarm the entire population of good guys, and the bad guys will still look for their advantage, and own a gun, even if they are not allowed to. They will use those weapons while committing a crime, because they do not care.

If you are naive enough to think anything will change for the better with legislation that disarms the country, I can't help you. I just hope nothing ever happens to you, where you need a gun. Hell, if you feel so strongly about it, post your picture, so I can carry it around in my wallet, and refuse to help you or your family with my gun if I ever see you being robbed. I'll stand, point and laugh, hell I'll even call the cops for you. Sound good?

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