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Originally Posted by sunsetcoast View Post
Those "threads coming out" are the belts, part of the carcass of the tire. Webster defines "carcass" as the worthless remains of something. It is not safe to drive a car without tread, never mind exposed belts.

As to fitment, the Hankooks are a bit narrower and a bit taller than the tires you have. They shouldn't be a problem clearance-wise, esp. since 245/45 was an optional size for the rear. But, if the pic is of your car, you have 8" wheels. 215 is pretty narrow for that width. Check with Hankook about whether that is an approved size for the tires.

And, if you mount new tires on only one axle, they should go on the back. (Don't put the new ones on the front and move the others to the back.) Based on your description, they are certainly better (safer) than what is on there now.

What is the spare and its condition? This may be an alternate tire to mount.

In most states, the MINIMUM requirement is that the same size tire be mounted on each side of an axle. Just as the MINIMUM requirement is 2/32" of tread depth, but that depth isn't really safe, especially in bad weather, there are other considerations.

It is important that the tires be the similar construction and class: for example, don't mount a hi-perf summer tire with a basic all-season. While it is ideal to have matched rubber, better to have a Bridgestone snow tire on one side and a Michelin snow tire on the other than to have a Dunlop all-season on one side and a Dunlop summer tire on the other.
Yeah that is my car and both my rears have belts hanging out on the inside, i wasn't thinking when i switched the tires around thinking the inside would be put to outside as they are directional tires so they are rotating the wrong way right now but who cares they are junk, fun on rainy roads though. so i need to replace them both. the full size spare it came with is blown up by previous owner. I dont know why everyone says the same size tire on each axle,im not going to put a 225 on the left and 215 on the right, right now all tires on it are 225/45/17, i want to keep 225/45/17 on front and put 215/55/17 on the back, i'd rather have the bigger ones on the back and i doubt it would hurt the rear axle with two different brands of tires if their the same height, i'lll tape measure, its not an LSD so its not going to burn any clutch discs inside, and their all all season tires, i dont buy snow tires in texas. None of them are z rated either, all the same. I have a tire changer so i'll do it and post pictures one of these days
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