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Originally Posted by aphhpa View Post
You're an idiot. It's a simple argument because its a simple answer. No, citizens should not be able to own assault rifles.
Originally Posted by aphhpa View Post
You are seriously the biggest idiot here. This is an opinion thread. I state my opinion and you tell me I'm wrong? Seriously if you're that ignorant and think you have the right to tell some that THEIR opinion is wrong.. Re-evaluate your purpose in life kid.
Originally Posted by aphhpa View Post
Same to you.
You're entitled to your opinion as everyone is. You're confusing our right for speech for validity. Just because you speak an opinion, doesn't mean it's the correct one. Until you provide anecdotal evidence stating that buying an 'assault rifle' increases your chances of becoming a serial killer, your argument is terrible.

Until then, according to your logic, anyone that can buy a bolt-action can assassinate a president.

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