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Originally Posted by bimmerfan08 View Post
You like American football too? College? Professional?
Yes to both. I believe college is a bit more pure form of the game. Wider hash marks, no 2 minute warning, the PI rule is better as well.

Not to mention March Madness is great. There is no better 4 days of sports in this country than the first 2 rounds of the tournament. I take vacation from work just for that event. And usually have 8-10 brackets going.

With all that said, I am a Green Bay Packers shareholder and a Chelsea Pitch Owner as well. Been a GB fan my entire life and been a Chelsea supporter since the early 80's. Been with those teams through good and bad and absolute lousy. When I started following Chelsea we weren't even 1st division. I remember GB having 15 of 16 seasons with a 500 or less record. And the one we didn't we went 8-7-1.
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