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Originally Posted by tock172 View Post
Couldn't agree more.

Absolutely no other human being on this earth has the right to dictate what I may or may not posses. It doesn't matter if it's an assault rifle or a piece of cheesecake.
Well, go get yourself a bazooka then.
And remember, bazookas don't kill people. People kill people.

Fact is, you're already restricted in many ways. You just refuse to see it and hold on to one thing (guns), which will eventually be also restricted.
Just a matter of time.

I don't care if you're republican, democrat or libertarian...
Your individual freedom ends where mine begins.
If you live on an island all by yourself, do whatever you want. Piss against or with the wind. Piss up or down. Nobody cares.
If you want to live in a society, the more people in it, the more of your individual freedom you'll have to give up, for the sake of society.
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