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Originally Posted by metlic53 View Post
i'll turn DSC off then it'll be perfectly fine, "take hankook and burn them"? its not like im autocrossing my car at the moment, just back and forth on the freeway, it'll be fine. if you cant afford tires you cant afford blank blank blank, basically these cars are junk cuz the first thing you have to do when you buy it is do a cooling overhaul then the trans blows, the clutch blows, then subframe tears, the headgasket blows, buy any chevy and you can just drive it drive it drive it i'm going to do it and i bet it works just fine, i love my car and the bigger tires wont affect anything.
""Is this thread real""
I need to find a forum that is more family friendly.
the hankooks wont last long, i burnout everytime i take off anyway.
Why would you be blowing a head gasket on any car? Hmm.
Look dude. Your goal should be to have 4 of the same sized tires that have good tread. I don't care if you buy cheap general tires that are $450 a set. Just get good tires.
We don't care how your tires look. It's a safety thing. We're not saying these things to be dicks. Tires are VERY important when something goes wrong. I assume you're young by the way you talk so ill assume you have less than 5 years driving experience. So I'll leave you with this advice:
Things rarely go wrong. Just about every trip you take to school, the store, or wherever is uneventful. That's fine. But I promise you there will be that one time. It will be raining hard and you can't see. All of the sudden a deer or old person or whatever appears. You swerve or brake.
There's only two things that matter in that split second. Driver reaction and tires. Sure 99% of the time it doesn't matter and you'll be "just fine" but it's that one time that counts. And that's the make or break moment. Don't cheap out on tires. There's bigger things in life to worry about.
Keep good tread on them and keep safe. Just trying to help.

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