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Originally Posted by lmr2wil View Post
I don't disagree with your math... but I do disagree with the optional rear tire size. I was under the impression that the rear "wide" tire option was 245/40/17 (per the owners manual). This has a sidewall of 98mm.
You are correct. A 17 mm difference does get to be pretty significant, although I suspect that the most noticeable difference would be to make the speedometer less optimistic!

Originally Posted by jayb328i View Post
Please let me know if you plan to drive out of your State. I want to make sure I am not on the same highway as you are, and definitely consider notifying the authorities regard safety violations.
The OP is trying to make the tire situation on his car better. Having mismatched tires on the front is certainly not an ideal situation, but those "too tall" Hankooks will certainly be much better than the tires with exposed belts on the rear axle.

Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
Your goal should be to have 4 of the same sized tires that have good tread. I don't care if you buy cheap general tires that are $450 a set. Just get good tires.
I don't think anyone here disagrees with the goal. Often, there are intermediate steps on the way to the ultimate goal. As long as the tires on the rear axle match in size, have an adequate load rating, and don't rub, it is a better situation than riding with exposed belts. This is a step toward the goal.

Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
It's a safety thing.
Things rarely go wrong. Just about every trip you take to school, the store, or wherever is uneventful. That's fine. But I promise you there will be that one time. It will be raining hard and you can't see. All of the sudden a deer or old person or whatever appears. You swerve or brake.
There's only two things that matter in that split second. Driver reaction and tires. Sure 99% of the time it doesn't matter and you'll be "just fine" but it's that one time that counts. And that's the make or break moment. Don't cheap out on tires.
X 100.

If only more drivers understood this...and acted on it.
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