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Originally Posted by Xcelratr View Post
FYI, the link you posted is to an article about an attack in China (not Japan) where 22 kids were wounded (none killed, never mind 10-17).

Your point may be valid, but you'll be taken more seriously if your statement matches the source you cite.

The Po and I don't always see eye to eye, but I think you're missing the truth in his statement.

Existence in a society such as ours is the art of compromise between individuals' freedoms, and between the freedoms of an individual vs a smoothly functioning society.

You have freedom of speech, and it's almost absolute. But you cannot yell "fire" in a crowded theater, you can't threaten to kill people, you can't slander people. Well, you can, but there are legal consequences because such acts are likely to land your ass in jail.

Your freedom of speech is limited in order to allow society to function better. My freedom to not be trampled to death in a crowded movie theater overrides your freedom to say "fire".

IHMO, that's the point Po was trying to make.
Let's be fair here, gun ownership is just as "limited". The law abiding Joe/Jill Schmoe still has to jump through government hoops to legally obtain a weapon, and even those weapons are limited. It's not really the law abiding citizens that we have to worry about. Legislation and increased restriction only hurts you & I. Lil' Tito from 100th St. doesn't care about restriction(s) because he's a felon and can't legally possess a firearm anyway. His firearm(s) will be obtained illegally and one of the anti-gun advocating lemmings (..who were quick to suggest that guns be stripped from the hands of the law abiding) will be the target of his next offense, and they'll be calling me to come "do something about it".

Serves 'em right!

...Oh wait! I'll probably be publicly persecuted for putting a bullet in Lil' Tito after he was wanted for ADW, didn't comply with commands and looked as though he were about to brandish a weapon.
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