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Originally Posted by M3Inline6 View Post
Let's be fair here, gun ownership is just as "limited". The law abiding Joe/Jill Schmoe still has to jump through government hoops to legally obtain a weapon, and even those weapons are limited. It's not really the law abiding citizens that we have to worry about. Legislation and increased restriction only hurts you & I. Lil' Tito from 100th St. doesn't care about restriction(s) because he's a felon and can't legally possess a firearm anyway.
I agree.

But Po (I'm sure he'll sound off if I'm misrepresenting his point) was only pointing out that tock172's assertion that "no one can tell him what he can own" just isn't reality. No society functions that way.

You called him a lemming, which I think was unfair given the fact that he's absolutely correct that a functioning society means striking a balance between your right to own big honkin' guns, and your neighbor's right to not get shot.

Don't you earn your burger by making sure people are operating within the limitations of their rights? LOL You MUST understand that rights and freedoms are a delicate balance of compromises.
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