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Originally Posted by Jall View Post
How much cooling does the fan provide at speed though. Once moving wouldn't the majority of cooling be from outside air moving through the radiator?

Unless I read wrong, it started heating while driving, not stopped?

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You're correct, it was whilst running and at 60+k's when it started to rise. It continued to rise despite me only doing low revs until I found a safe place to pull over.

The AC was still on 16 and full fan as it didn't cross my mind to turn that off at the time.

Could it have been a case of hot day, AC being overloaded and possibly some pretty shiet coolant?

What's weird is I have driven at the track doing 10 minute stints of high revs with AC on (mind you not 16 full fan and such a hot day. Was probably 30 degs outside temp) and the coolant never got above 94. Just seems strange it got to 114 yesterday.

It has got me stumped! I can't think of a logical explanation although I'm not overly familiar with the cooling systems in general so it's likely there's something I don't know about.

Originally Posted by KKB-BMW View Post
Probably cracked radiator bottle..why wont BMW go back to regular always wins

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Coolant reservoir was still full after letting the car sit for 4 hours after I got home.

Originally Posted by [SeN] View Post
Roll up some newspaper into a long tube and stick it in the fan, if you can stop it then it's ur fan clutch.

Only do this once your engine is at full operating temp.

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Won't I risk snapping the fan blades?

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