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Originally Posted by metlic53 View Post
I said bigger tires in the rear y'all said leave the same tires on the front if I get new tires to put them on rear. Ill just do it for fun. I leave state all the time where do you live? Ill head that way. Go find any Spanish persons car all 4 tires are different, and somehow they still get inspected and legally? I know because I went with my girlfriends dad and they said change the front left tire so he did and he has 31's on front and 32's on back so what's the deal there? The new hankooks are more safe than my steel belted hanging ecstas
Way to be racist!!!

OP - in spite of this, it sounds like you're all set:
- Bimmerforums has given you the ok.
- You'll turn the DSC off so that won't be a problem.
- You'll mount the taller tires in the back so your car will be "raked" - badass!
- The rears will be thinner making the car slightly less neutral in the corners... but DSC will save you if this is an issue... errr ****.

Good luck OP!

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