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Are you sure its the speakers thats making the noise? The speakers make the doors vibrate. It might as well be the clips that are holding the door panel, the rain foil, loose screws, loose windows (tighten screws and see if it helps).

Its tough to find recplacement speakers that would work for you - because the Harman Kardon speakers dont all have 4 Ohm impedance. There are replacement speakers on the market (like Rainbow and AudioSystem - dont know if available in the US) but they are IMHO all 4 Ohm. You simply cant tell if it works and how it would sound.

Anyway - the BSW midbass woofers (dont know if they work with the Harman Kardon System) are only 190 Dollars or so. They arent that expensive - if you are sure your midbass woofers are shot I would give it a go. For comparison - the AudioSystem midbass woofers (a pair - without tweeters and crossovers) cost 100 Euros (about 130 Dollars).

I dont know how much of a HIFI guy you are but if I were you I would remove the Harman Kardon System completely. Sound dampening the doors and door panels, install the above mentioned Rainbow or AudioSystem speakers, built a small 8 inch sub (like the one BSW offers). I would use an JBL MS-8 to pick up the sound from the BM54 module - use the MS-8 built in amp to power the speakers (fully active - front and rear) and an additional small amp to power the sub. Such a system should sound much better than the Harman Kardon system.

In case you dont know -> the JBL MS-8 has

-deequalizing (to correct the sound coming from the oem car stereo)
-8 speaker outputs (you can use the built in adjustable electronic crossover - no need for crossover circuit)
-auto equalizer (to correct sound coming from the speakers - user adjustable)
-time correction (to correct delay due to different distances)

What that means? Perfect sound due to perfect staging. It actually does what the Harman Amp does - only better, its adjustable and you can hook up aftermarket speakers.

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