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mate, when you use that allen wrench to disengage top from windshield, you need to keep turning the living piss out of that wrench... , until you cant turn it any more, (it will spring back when you have reached this point). Also make sure the lid lock is actually unlocked under the seat (you can feel it when the allen wrench is loose after about half or 3/4 turn with wrench. After this then try and lift the front and back of soft top simultaneously and open top cover to pull everything back and into the top cover.

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I followed the rcommendation. Manually opened and disengaged front of top at the windshield. Manually opened the lid locks located under the rear seat using the allen wrench after depressing the disengage button. Still no joy. Top will not open any further than a small gap at the windshield. Pressure in the system? How do you relieve that?

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