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Originally Posted by zuckuss00 View Post
Thanks for the suggestion.

I've heard of BG products before. I've never really looked into their MOA line. You mentioned the slight improvement in consumption and I must ask if your driving conditions have changed at all in that time frame? Things like high RPMs and traffic seem to cause a faster rate of consumption for obvious reasons.

I'm going to ask my mechanic about the MOA, I know he's an advocate of their 44k product. I'll see if he can get me a couple cans and I'll run it. You add one can every 3000 miles?

Also, had you have had a cylinder leak down test? This could possibly isolate the source of blow by to a specific piston or oval cylinder. I sort of want to have to test done so I can confirm its the pistons and eliminate valve steam seals as a potential cause.
Your question about my driving habits is a really good one, because as you noted that will affect consumption. But no I haven't altered my driving at all. I do believe that the improvement in consumption that I am experiencing is a result of the MOA. However, as I alluded to before, I am working off of limited data at this time, and won't make any absolute conclusions until I have more complete data.

So far I have added the MOA at a 3000 mile interval. This interval works out to maintain a reasonable concentration of MOA with respect to the rate at which I am consuming oil, without exceeding BG's recommendation of MOA to oil ratio. Looking ahead, I will most likely just add a can during my regular oil change and then 1 more between my 7500 mile oil change interval...however this should all be adjusted for individual rate of consumption...

I never did get a compression test; deemed it would be inconclusive and thus not worth the expense...
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