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Originally Posted by Keith Billanti View Post
Awesome day today-- I found out that not only did stuffing hockey equipment into the front seat of my car break the left knob off of my unit, it also popped the SD card out and CRACKED it. I discovered this when I tried to use my Nav tonight.

The only thing more awesome than this is when i got home to find that I no longer have the file folder which had the navi software, the wince patch and what ever else goes on the card.

ONE last kick.. cant even find the original 2gb card that came with it. Does anyone have a loaded file folder that I could DL?
Kieth... Still need a copy? If you've got a card and still need it... PM me and I'll give you my address and I can make you a copy.

Oh and another little trick I discovered for getting the unit back to the FM radio... At start up once the unit has loaded, tap the Band button. The unit will immediately switch to the radio no matter which ever other function it has chosen to start.
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