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Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post
yeah I saw that after I posed it :/

Have you checked out autotrader, craigslist, and ebay?

this one is a 5 speed non sport pack, but its also low miles, low price, and in good condition. With the money you saved you could modify it to be however you like.

5 speed, again. But has sport pack wheels and seats.

You won't get a 6 speed unless you get a 2004+. And a little feedback from owning a 6 speed 330Ci for 2 years..... 6th is like useless. The final drive ratio of a ZSP 330Ci is 2.93! 6th gear ends up being extremely tall. I actually got better millage in 5th gear over light hills and in light traffic than I did in 6th.

Now I have a M3 with a 4.10 diff... 6th is like my old 4th
Yeah I have a few Autotrader searches saved. I use eBay Motors as well, but it has little to nothing on it. I check Craigslist here and there, but I figure any pristine car that is on Craigslist will also be on Autotrader or a forum like this one. Know what I mean?

I know the 6th gear is nothing special. However, I just got out of a 5-speed E36 M3 sedan, and so I really want that extra gear. I want the extra slot; the extra row while driving . I'd rather buy a different brand/model just to have the extra gear. It's a main reason of the purchase in the first place.

From what I found, 6-speeds came in 2003. Did they come in 2003, but get labeled as model year 2004?

Nice on the M3 haha. I be that thing whiiiips!!

I appreciate you helping me search!

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