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I just heard on the news today that there's a heated discussion going on in Europe about Gerard Depardieu's decision to give up his French nationality and move to Belgium.

His reason for doing so..? He is protesting high tax rates on his income bracket in France - as with a lot of other countries - as much as 75%. Put that in context of the capital gains tax rates in the US, and you start to see why douchebag-Boehner is a complete moron and a d!ck.

What do the top earners pay in the States..? - a fraction of the general worldwide norm and will remain so even after rates go up as part of the Senate-passed budget bill (a 3-5% increase in rates in all categories).. And yet this douchebag Boehner has to hold an entire nation hostage to meet some a$$-backward ideology propagated by some moron like Nor-a$$hole-quist.

Fact is, the top income bracket that Obama is targeting for tax rate increases would probably not even notice the 3-5% increased tax rate in the larger scheme of things. The majority of Americans support the notion of increasing tax rates on the top earners. And yet this douchebag Boehner has to hold an entire nation hostage for ideological reasons.

Fact is, if the Senate-passed budget bill is taken up in Congress today, it would pass and become law. And this douchebag Boehner won't let it happen.

Boehner is like a spoilt second grader who's just looking for some free publicity. He has the intellectual ability of a second grader as well (just hear him address the press on the fiscal issue), and has no place in any serious adult discussion on taxes and revenues. Put his churlish behavior in light of the risk - the austerity that will stifle an economy ready to boom - and it's just appalling. He has to learn to be realistic, pragmatic and get away from his focus on political and ideological agendas, and that will be a good day for America.

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