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Originally Posted by trive2 View Post
First Gen X3.

Drives beautifully, very heavy, not so good on fuel, CRAP interior quality, dodgy transfer cases.

And really horrible interiors.
I have to disagree with you on the interior, my E83 facelift 3.0si has very nice fit and finish interior and exterior.

Otherwise you are spot on. My fuel consumption sucks, but hoping new tires and an alignment helps with that in the short term. Drives very well, but its super heavy compared to E46.

Get a 2007+ with the N52 motor, no M54. This thing is reasonably quick (faster than my 5MT 325 was).

Also make sure you drive a sport pack car, and a non-sport pack. My car is non-sport (but with the optional 18s), and it STILL has a harsh ride over bumps. Many say the sport packaged suspension is TOO stiff.
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