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Originally Posted by AudiEtr View Post
i think you guys are undervaluing track pads, Safety is the most important part here. I would not go to the race track without them. Especially somewhere long and fast like a Road America. You can go through 50% pad there in 2 sessions. If your gonna have to buy more street pads after anyway, seems kinda dumb not to just buy/take track pads. Making sure you dont move around in your seat is also very important. But I think the most important thing you wanna have is track insurance! Just dont ask your insurance agent if they offer it!!!! You will raise RED flags with them.
Naw, covered the brake pad bit - however brief it may have been. Agree for sure on the harness - one of the best purchases I have made to date (Schroth QuickFit Pro).

Originally Posted by scca_ziptie View Post
Check engine, trans, brake and coolant levels.
Check your brakes (all four corners) - you should have at least 50% pad before starting your track day.
Make sure there are no cracks in your brake rotors or any substantial lips/edges.
Inspect your tires and make sure there is good life in them as well (also no cuts gashes or nails/foreign objects).
Check the torque of your wheel bolts.
Remove all items from the car that are loose (anything in the trunk or cabin that could harm you upon impact or move around when you are on course).
Remove your spare tire / inflation kit and all the tools located under the floor in the trunk area.

At most track days there is a technical inspection that occurs prior to your car going on track (most of the time it's in the morning prior to any driver meetings or class room time depending on skill level). I would check to see if this is a part of your upcoming/potential track day as it is not only good for the others on track with you to know that your vehicle is worthy of being on track with at speed but it is a massive part of putting your mind at ease and letting you focus on the task ahead. You will want to adjust your tire pressures for your second or third session - street pressures are a bit too much for track driving as so much temperature gets put into the tire(s) that the pressures will be way too high once you start going fast, but for the first session I'd leave them somewhat close to what you run on the street as you will not be going very quick the first time out of the pits/paddock.

Things to take with you to the track:
jack stands
engine oil
brake fluid
some tools (basic stuff including a torque wrench)
duct tape and/or detailing tape (the latter is to prevent rock chips / road debris damage to your paint behind front and rear wheels)
water (for you and the car)
gloves (in case you need to touch something hot)
shop towels
camping chair to sit in between sessions

'Post' track day maintenance should consist of engine oil change, brake fluid flush - the transmission fluid flush would also be a good idea. You will more than likely want to replace your brake pads and possibly rotors 'post' track day as well - after you do a few days you may end up purchasing a set of track day brake pads and rotors (I recommend the Cobalt Friction Technology brake pads, the best out there). Your tires will also have pretty good wear on them after the track day, prepare yourself to purchase new tires 'post' track day.

As some others have stated - a harness is one of the best things you can do for yourself as it lets you focus so much more on what the car is doing and allows you to spend less time bracing yourself inside the car during braking and cornering events.

I'm sure that I have forgotten some things, but I'll post them up when I remember. Oh ya, the most important thing is to HAVE FUN and stay focused - it seems dumb to say but focusing for an entire lap (lap after lap) is harder to do for some. BREATHE and stay calm - don't try to set a fast lap time on your outlap of any session, the results are typically not the greatest for owner and car.
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