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Originally Posted by trive2 View Post
First Gen X3.

Drives beautifully, very heavy, not so good on fuel, CRAP interior quality, dodgy transfer cases.

And really horrible interiors.


Current Gen X3.

Too expensive
My expereince is also much differerent. I had an '02 325xi that had more quality issues than my '05 X3.

Don't get me wrong, the 325 was a great car, but this X3 is also a very stoudt reliable solid vehicle.

I have 101k miles on mine with no unforseen issues. The interior quality is BETTER than the e46. I don't have delaminating pillars like in every e46. I don't have rubber pealing off the dash console like in every e46. I don't have squeaky seats or rattling rear decks, or broken window regulators like the e46. The interior of my x3 is more quiet and rattle free than my former e46. Plus maybe I am just lucky, but my x3 does not suffer from leaky valve colver gaskets or leaky oil filter housing gaskets, or broken DISA, torn CV boots, etc. My e46 on the other hand had all of the above.

Overall, despite that I am not really an SUV kinda guy, the X3 impresses me in every way. Fit and finish is proper. Performance is on par and handles better than I ever would have imagined, reliability is stoudt.

I really like the X3, only complaint is mpg, I get about 21 to 23. But it is a heavy car ~4,080 pounds.

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