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Originally Posted by wdeerfield View Post
i really like this. You do great work. Are you going to put it on a hydraulic lift or something? That cant be light to lift up to access the spare.
No dude, itís the intention to keep it all a bit more simple. To get the box up in an easy way, Iíll have to use 2 heavier springs.
I can make the tension higher on those springs, so that you donít need that much strength to get it up.

Originally Posted by dedo View Post
You again.... I love your skill. As I said earlier, you are my HERO!!! I am really looking forward to see progress with this little VW.
Sorry dude, I canít help it.
But no worries, what Iíve got planned here will be more simple.

Originally Posted by RedBeamer View Post
Aah someone i know from Belgium
Nice to see you have started a new project for you wife
As many may have said here you are a real hero to the car modding !!!!
Looking forward to see more updates on the polo and to see your bimmer ^^
Thanks my fellow countryman. I do my best.

Originally Posted by hennep E46 View Post
Looking forward to see more updates on the install, hope to see you again next year
Thanks mate, hope to see you next year on the TWA meeting.

Originally Posted by Jesse M View Post
That is art my friend. Audio setups are my forte. I really admire this build so far. What are you other plans for an interface up front? I also like that you chose the four smaller woofers. That was actually a plan I had to use sometime in the future. But what I really love is the bus bar. Genius. What kind of power are you running through it; was copper not an option? Just curious because alum has a bit higher resistance. Shouldn't really notice much of a change though, it's a short run. You make it look so easy. Hats off to you sir, sub'd.
If you donít have much space, I personally think that little woofers are a perfect solution. I applied this for several times already, and every time I was satisfied with the sound.
I wanted to do something different with the connections of the woofersÖnot the copper connections I did in the bimmer. I donít like doing the same things twice you know.
But I just need to think what material Iíll use for this.

Originally Posted by ShadoWraceR View Post
just of curiousity, what leasing and vw main dealer says about mod of audio? insurance also. i ask it because some local dealers here dont accept any audio mod, even from profs. when they get to know about it, factory warranty end at this moment. how is things in belgium and in holland?
There no problem for the guarantee. And here in Belgium, I only have to go to technical inspection after four years.
There they will see that Iíve got an install, but wonít make a big deal about it. Just have to pay 6Ä extra for my green card.
Donít know how it is in HollandÖ Laws are different than in Belgium I guess
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