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Originally Posted by sammk View Post
Do you see a pattern here - first, Boehner refuses any kind of tax revenue increase. Then he says that increasing tax revenue though 'closing loopholes and reducing deductions' - which IMO is the most ludicrous phrase of 2012 - is a good idea. Then he steps forward and says that increasing rates over $1 million has to be a part of the plan.

Why can't this moron see the light of rationality and common sense in one step? Why is he putting the nation through a series of his churlishness in a stepped way? Does he think it will reduce the impact on his tax-conservative base like the Norquists of the world and help preserve his 'dignity' somehow?

Get over with it already, just come out and acknowledge that the Senate bill is a rational and sensible measure to fix the budget crisis, the only one one the table, and it already represents a good middle ground between both sides of the aisle. Don't put the nation in a strangle hold just for ideological reasons, and make way for passing the bill in front of you already.
How is it that Boehner has all this power you're describing? How can just one guy hold the nation hostage?

Oh, wait, it's because he was elected, right? So maybe he's doing what his constituents want him to do? So it's really his constituents that are holding the nation hostage.

But he's just one guy, it doesn't make sense that he can hold the nation hostage.

Oh, wait, he's the majority leader of the House. So the reason he can do what he's doing is because 240 other Reps are members of the same party. So it's really 241 guys holding the nation hostage.

Now, how did 241 guys end up in a position to hold the nation hostage? Oh, that's right, they were elected and put there by their constituents.

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