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ok, back at square one. Couldn't get the car to replicate the problem so I continued to drive with fingers crossed...Friday was the day, went to the car to head to work and go to crank and nothing. The car is doing the exact same thing lights, radio, a/c ect... everything working but no crank. The starter is making no noise. I poke and prod some connectors at the clutch switch and the dme and ews, still nothing. I have a slight oil leak from something connected to my intake manifold so i decided to go ahead and take the intake off to investigate both problems at the same time making it easier to see and check voltage and for something going to ground. Was also thinking maybe oil leaking into a connection shorting something out, would/ could this be a likely scenario.
Once the intake was out I checked voltage at the starter getting 12.0v at the large terminal, and getting 9.4v at both smaller terminals on the selenoid WITH THE KEY IN THE OFF POSITION?? when my brother stepped on the clutch and turned the key I was getting 12.4v. at the smaller terminals on the solenoid(yellow/black and a black wire), but the starter is doing nothing. Not even attempting to crank or make a noise. Brand new starter(from napa, i know- but i still have the old starter which i am going to try this afternoon). I have a few things unplugged from the intake manifold but I would still think it should try to start over. This is driving me crazy, I'm not the greatest mechanic and electric is definitely not my favorite but this has got me baffled. Any help or knowledge would be greatly appreciated and I will keep posted in case anyone else should ever have this problem.
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