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From the guide

Put another way, if you can do two sets totaling 100 pushups, 12 chinups, 12 pullups, 24 shoulder press pushups, 100 full body squats, and a total of 6 minutes of plank variations, you're fit-period. I'd venture to say that you are a 1 in 1,000 physical specimen!
I agree with this, I think once you achieved mastery of bw exercises you'd be very well suited for most sports and activities, except for bodybuilding. For those who want to be more than just "fit" (the words "ripped" or "huge" come to mind) then heavy progressive weightlifting is much better.

I know personally I'd be happy with that! (Master of your own body, decent muscle mass to support it, and low body fat).

Edit: My plan is to accelerate my strength gains with heavy lifting, while incorporating a few bodyweight type exercises. I think this type of program would take a significantly longer time period to realize the same gains you could have from working out with weights in a gym

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