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Originally Posted by rdsesq View Post
Anybody playing against Notre Dame, BYU, or Nebraska.
It is actually one of the great things about college football. I don't have a particular team. UC Irvine (where I went to college) doesn't have a football team, so I have no football "alma mater", as it where. Mostly I just want to see good games. But, that includes more than just D-1/BCS. The D-2 (or I guess its called FCS now) games are great. I do like watching the Ivy League games. Those are always seem to be good games. And the Army/Navy game, of course. (Go Navy!! All of the members of my family that served, served in the Navy. So its the only game I feel I have a particular school affinity for.)

It is one of the things about college football. Teams bubble up and trickle down.
The big blow-out games in college are fun as well. If your are down 48-0 at the half, its time for a different approach. Like, we are bringing 11 guys every snap. Because it doesn't really matter if you lose 70-0 or 124-0 at that point. Not to mention the number of teams now running the triple option (which is basically the old single wing) It is a fun offense to watch. But, you can't really run it in the NFL, everybody, including the d-line is just to fast. But, it is a great offense for college football. Not to mention some of the "up tempo" type teams like Oregon and Nevada.
I agree with all of the above...except I'm a Hokie fan at heart.
The whole business of politics has been effectively subcontracted out to a band of professionals. Money people, outreach people, message people, research people. The rest of us are meant to feel like amateurs. In the sense of suckers. We become demotivated to learn more about how things work. We begin to opt out.
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