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Originally Posted by rdsesq View Post
Anybody playing against Notre Dame, BYU, or Nebraska.
It is actually one of the great things about college football. I don't have a particular team. UC Irvine (where I went to college) doesn't have a football team, so I have no football "alma mater", as it where. Mostly I just want to see good games. But, that includes more than just D-1/BCS. The D-2 (or I guess its called FCS now) games are great. I do like watching the Ivy League games. Those are always seem to be good games. And the Army/Navy game, of course. (Go Navy!! All of the members of my family that served, served in the Navy. So its the only game I feel I have a particular school affinity for.)

It is one of the things about college football. Teams bubble up and trickle down.
The big blow-out games in college are fun as well. If your are down 48-0 at the half, its time for a different approach. Like, we are bringing 11 guys every snap. Because it doesn't really matter if you lose 70-0 or 124-0 at that point. Not to mention the number of teams now running the triple option (which is basically the old single wing) It is a fun offense to watch. But, you can't really run it in the NFL, everybody, including the d-line is just to fast. But, it is a great offense for college football. Not to mention some of the "up tempo" type teams like Oregon and Nevada.
I agree with all of the above...except I'm a Hokie fan at heart.
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